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Author: Beauty Zindi (ACS, CL) Watford Speakers Club, District 91 UK

The easy-Speak software allows Toastmaster clubs to automate their meeting planning and to track and support members' development.
It provides a full data management system, automating the agenda and freeing the Vice President of Education's time to do what is important - support and encourage the members.

This guide is all you need to get started on the EasySpeak system. It’s as easy as ABC.

For UK Clubs EasySpeak is hosted on the website https://toastmasterclub.org NOT https://easy-speak.org. The latter is used for Clubs in other parts of the world and not in the UK.

Accessing EasySpeak

You would have received an e-mail from do_not_reply@toastmasterclub.org with your username and password for accessing this system. If you have not seen this email, or have problems please contact your club VPE

On the top navigation bar there is a 'My Participation'' tab. Hovering your mouse over this or clicking on it launches a menu with multiple options. The Three key ones, for now, are 'Sign up for meetings', 'View My Speech Progress' and 'Pathways Base Camp'


This launches a menu that gives three options - 'sign-up for meetings', 'view my speech progress' and the 'Pathways Base Camp'. Pathways Base Camp is the online system on which all the educational materials for your speech projects are hosted. Please refer to the Pathways step-by-step guide by the same author.

Managing your attendance, speeches, and roles.

Sign up for meetings

From My Participation/Sign Up for Meetings

It is important for the committee and especially for the Vice President of Education (VPE) to know who will and who will not be attending. It takes less than 1 minute to log in and confirm your attendance.
On the “Sign up for meetings” page you can see the next few meetings dates - Tick “Yes or No” on the meeting dates that appear in columns across the screen. The confirms for the VPE that you plan on attending or cannot make that meeting.

Requesting a speech

From My Participation/Sign Up for Meetings:

It is important to inform the VPE when you would like to deliver a speech. Please note, several members request for speech slots at the same time and VPE allocates these as fairly as possible. Ideally, each member has to balance between speaking and fulfilling other meeting roles. Some clubs have rules that you must do two roles before each speech.

1. Click the 'Request a speech button RequestASpeechButton.png
1. Type in your speech title or To Be Confirmed if you don’t have it yet. Ideally, you want to request a speech slot when you know what speech title is going to be.
1. Workbook/Speech - On this tab select – Clicking on your workbook to see the speech projects for that workbook. If your workbook/path is not visibible select it from the dropdown menu. Select the project so that the VPE knows what project you will be completing. It also helps with allocating an evaluator for you.
1. Preferred dates: choose your 1st, 2nd and 3rd preferred dates. E.g. your 1st preferred date could be 5 March, your 2nd 16 April and your 3rd 7 May.

Requesting a meeting role

Performing a role at a meeting gives you valuable experience in addition to preparing speeches. Being able to lead a meeting effectively is a great life skill.
You can find out lots of information about the roles and tricks and tips for shining at them Here

From My Participation/Sign Up for Meetings

Click on the Meetings Menu (next to the Home Menu) – below the easySPEAK banner. -

The Club’s next meeting appears there e.g Meeting on 9 March - Click on Meeting List - You will see Meeting List [Club Name] and below that Main Roles, Meeting Award Winners and to the extreme right Date Range. Input the date range e.g March 2019 to June 2019 - Click on the meeting you want to book a role. - Click on the Green thumbs up next to the role you want to fill - You can move to the next meeting by clicking on the arrow next to the NEXT button(top right hand – same line as the Club’s name)

You can also do this from My Participation/Sign Up for Meetings page as per 'Requesting a speech' above.

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